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No Sugar Company Dark Chocolate Mint Keto Bomb, 10x17g (Box)

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Introducing the CHOCOLATE MINT NO SUGAR KETO BOMB, a refreshing, minty mix of healthy fats and coconut MCT’s all coated in a creamy and nutritious, custom dark chocolate blend. With only 1g of net carbs and 0g of sugar, this NO SUGAR KETO BOMB is a healthy way to indulge in dark chocolate and the refreshing taste of mint.

Why say no to sugar? Reducing sugar from your diet can increase your energy and prevent associated health risks. NO SUGAR KETO BOMBS are the healthy way to indulge in a sweet treat - it’s the treat without the cheat!

1g Net Carbs = 8g carbohydrate - 4g Fiber - 3g Erythritol 

Ingredients: Chocolate liquor, Healthy fats blend (coconut oil, palm kernel oil, cocoa butter, hazelnut butter, milkfat, palm oil, sunflower lecithin), Erythritol, Inulin, Sodium caseinate, Vanilla powder, Stevia extract, Natural flavours, Salt, Peppermint oil.

Contains: Milk.

May contain: Soy, Peanuts and Tree nuts.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 1 piece (17g) | Servings Per Container 30 | Calories 80 | Total Fat (7g) 9% | Saturated Fat (5g) 25% | Trans Fat (0g) | Cholesterol (0mg) 0% | Sodium (15mg) 1% | Total Carbohydrates (8g) | Fibre (4g) 14% | Sugars (0g) | Erythritol (3g) | Protein (2g) | Calcium (10mg) 1% | Iron (1.5mg) 8% | Potassium (75mg) 2%