Kiss My Keto Lemon Lime Exogenous Ketones, 218g

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  • Increase Fat Burning Activity - Exogenous ketones can help you burn fat more effectively by signaling your body to burn fat for fuel.

  • Erase symptoms of ‘Keto-Flu’ - It’s a collection of symptoms as a result of withdrawals from sugar: headaches, nausea, muscle cramps and etc. It usually affects new ketoers, but senior keto dieters can also be affected if they don’t have a balanced supply of electrolytes. While with our exogenous ketones that comes with electrolytes, rest assured you can get rid of these symptoms.

  • Getting back to ketosis - Decided to pause ketosis for a short time? Don't worry, using exogenous ketones will help you get into ketosis much faster & easier. In fact, most keto dieters use exogenous ketones for this exact purpose.

  • Steady Consistent Energy - Whether you’re training for a marathon or for an Obstacle Race, research had shown that exogenous ketones can give you a steady supply of energy for performance.

  • Improve mental performance - If your work and life demand superhuman brain power from you, then exogenous ketones may be just what you needed. Ketones are the best brain food which gives you better mental focus & clarity.