Caramel Macchiato Coffee Pods, 16ct

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Original, French Vanilla & Caramel Macchiato Flavors

  • Helps burn calories
  • Provides a feeling of fullness
  • Quickly metabolizes to ketone energy, instead of storing as fat
  • Promotes performance levels
  • Helps boost brain power
  • Grass-fed butter from pasture-raised cows
  • Convenient
  • More affordable than a barista
  • Gluten free and soy free
  • Organic coffee

Today, many people are incorporating healthy fatty acid in their diets for numerous nutritional benefits. Now with Rapid Fire, you can experience this innovative “all-in-one” instant coffee that tastes like it was freshly brewed. No need to go to your barista, this full-bodied coffee is rich and bold, yet creamy. The slow-roasted organic coffee beans of Rapid Fire Ketogenic Coffee provide nutrients that no other coffee can provide. This robust coffee beverage is packaged in convenient resealable canisters or individual serving pods both preserving freshness and flavor.

Rapid Fire crafts organic coffee with coconut oil, MCTs and grass-fed butter ― along with a touch of Himalayan salt to create a delicious, satisfying and nutritious coffee beverage. These powerful superfoods contain healthy fats that are loaded with energizing compounds and fat-liberating essential fatty acids and health-protecting antioxidants. This super creamy coffee beverage is delicious hot or iced. Rapid Fire Coffee is designed to be part of your ketogenic diet or any healthy diet by helping to satisfy your hunger, burn more fat, and promote physical and mental performance.